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Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge drone solutions. Our team of experts offers a wide range of drone surveys including solar inspection, mine survey land survey, rail survey and inspection, road survey, and more!

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We, Envoler Innovations offer efficient solutions in comprehensive drone surveys, DGPS services and diverse drone services. Our team including experienced drone pilots excels in topographic surveying, thermal inspections, LIDAR technology,  and industrial inspections using UAVs.

Optimize your mining operations with our drone-based mine surveys. Our services include accurate volumetric surveys, digital surface models (DSM), and contour mapping. We deliver precise aerial views of drill patterns and blasting results, along with detailed topographic maps, ensuring thorough exploration of even the most challenging terrains.
Solar PV Planning & IV Curve
Maximize energy production and reduce downtime with our drone-based solar inspections. Our drone thermal inspections excel at detecting even the smallest dead cells and analyzing solar cell IV curves, preventing economic losses. Quickly scan large areas, geo-tag faulty panels, and easily localize failed solar cells, ensuring efficient and thorough inspections of large solar farms.
Topographical Surveys / GIS Mapping
Experience high-quality, efficient drone topographic surveys with our advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. Using RGB cameras and LIDAR, we capture precise aerial data for topographic surveys, drastically reducing costs and workload. Trust our expertise for accurate GIS mapping and topography, leveraging state-of-the-art UAV surveying methods.
Agriculture Inspection & Spraying
Increase crop yields and efficiency with agriculture drones for disease detection, infestation monitoring, and irrigation management. Leverage NDVI analysis, topographical, thermal, and spectral mapping for precise crop health assessment. Optimize planting and irrigation with comprehensive aerial data on terrain, moisture, and fertility levels. Enhance farming with drone spraying and advanced drone technology.
Roadways (NHAI)
Our services include Project Monitoring, GIS mapping and drone-based road surveys for accurate topographical data and project planning. From Detailed Project Reporting (DPR) to 3D modeling, LiDAR surveys, and contour mapping, we provide comprehensive solutions for route alignment, encroachment analysis, and structural design to ensure efficient and precise highway development.
Our drone services for railways include planning, pre-construction surveys, project progress monitoring, and asset management. We specialize in volume estimation, and inspection of railway buildings, bridges, and tracks, including TSS and level crossings. Ensure safety and efficiency with precise, high-quality aerial data for all your railway needs.
Wind Turbine
Our drone surveys for wind turbine inspection detect hairline cracks, corrosion, loose bolts, and other hidden issues. Early identification extends turbine lifespan, reduces costly repairs, and maintains optimal performance. Enhance your wind energy operations with precise, comprehensive drone inspections for reliable and efficient maintenance.
Tower Inspection
Our drone surveys for tower inspection utilize advanced technology to capture data and footage from previously unreachable angles. Equipped with thermal imaging, LiDAR, and impact-resistant tech, we provide high-resolution 3D models for thorough assessments. Ensure safety, speed, and cost efficiency in tower inspections without operational disruptions.
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Your experienced experts in Topographic Surveys, Thermal Inspections, Lidar, Aerial Photography & Inspection, and 3D Visualizations, Industrial Inspections & much more.


We prioritize understanding & collaborating with clients and fulfilling their needs while keeping them informed of our progress every step of the way.


With a strong emphasis on data accuracy and user-friendly charts, we provide precise & error-free reporting, empowering you to make the best strategic decisions.


Our innovative business strategies reduce costs with efficient data collection for drone operations. Enabling businesses to plan, execute, and monitor drone solutions with precision and efficiency.

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