Roadways (NHAI)

Our drone-based solutions provide accurate and important reports, which save time, improve efficiency, and help minimise material wastage in roadway projects.

Drones Advantages in Roadways Surveys

Drones help in project planning, construction monitoring, and infrastructure inspection. We use sophisticated surveying drones with high-resolution sensors to collect data of the highest quality, down to the centimeter level.
Keeping Track

AI and drones are a great solution for keeping track of all the construction materials.

Fast & accurate report

Drone accurate thermal/4k data can help improve the work speed by 70-80% than the traditional survey methods.

Cost Effective

Drone Survey & Inspection is less costly than traditional ground-based methods and can save you time, and resources.

Roadways Survey

Roadways Infrastructure and assets inspection are all part of our Aerial Inspection service for highways infrastructure. We aid transport authorities in keeping tabs on vital infrastructure via periodic aerial inspections, thereby decreasing the likelihood of catastrophic failure.
Services We Offer

Survey Before Construction (PLANNING)

Pre-construction surveys of land are a crucial planning and design step. We collect vast aerial data quickly with our high-quality drones and professional drone pilots. Our clients can verify existing buildings and structures near their projects using drone surveying. Before demolition, piling, foundation, or site development. 2D, 3D, and extremely precise topographical maps of utility lines, drainage slopes, land slopes, etc. help project managers make quick decisions.

Track the Progress of Project (CONSTRUCTION)

Construction Progress Monitoring ensures that the contractor’s budget is met. To ensure blueprint and specification compliance, this stage supervises and documents every work. Our team processes aerial data to provide essential information like unfinished bridge pillars, road embankments, construction sites, road lanes, etc.

Estimation of Volume (MANAGEMENT OF ASSETS)

Keeping track of assets and supplies is important for any type of construction. Our machine learning determines onsite construction supplies with 99% accuracy. Our high-quality drones collect data quickly, reliably, and affordably. Project managers can manage budgets and efficiency by tracking stockpiles.Our superb drones capture more topographic data and contour line elevation than traditional methods.

Investigation of the Roads and Highways

We provide Highway Aerial Inspection services using modern drones with RGB and Thermal Sensors to construct topography, contour, and 2D and 3D models. We inspect highway and road infrastructure for potholes, cracks, power lines, crash barriers, boundaries, divider alignment, soil embankment, etc. Our superb drones capture more topographic data and contour line elevation than traditional methods.

Inspection of Bridge

Drone inspection of bridges is the fastest approach to inspect dangerous and inaccessible locations. Our UAV Inspection drones provide high-resolution GIS maps and 3D models of concrete delamination and riverbed conditions upstream and downstream. Topographic mapping helps authorities secure bridge foundations.