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Topographical Surveys / gis Mapping

Save both time and money with the help of our expert Aerial Drone Surveying / Mapping services.

Powerful Drone Solutions For Topographical Surveys / gis Mapping

Throughout India, Envoler works hard to provide crystal-clear Topographical Surveys / GIS Mapping services. Our expertise in Land Surveying, Aerial Surveying for Land Management & Development, Land Slope Monitoring, Designing Smart Cities, Mapping Greenfield Projects, etc. has made us valuable to both public and private sector clients. With quality as our first priority, we consistently provide high-end topographic maps to clients with centimeter-level accuracy.
Orthomosaic maps

Post-processing drone pictures creates a very accurate orthomosaic map. Each pixel has two-dimensional geoinformation (X, Y) and can be used directly to get exact measures, such as lengths and areas on the horizontal plane.

3D point cloud

From drone snapshots, a dense point cloud can be made. It gives a very accurate model for measuring distance (both straight and curved), area, and volume. Each point of the map has geographic (X, Y, Z) and color data.

Digital surface models

DSM models of the area can also be made from pictures taken by a drone. Each pixel gives detailed info and has two-dimensional information (X, Y) and the highest point's altitude (Z number).

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

The drone photographs can be used to construct DTMs with each pixel having 2.5D information (the X, Y, and Z values of the highest height), after filtering out things like buildings, and stuff.


You can construct a contour lines map using either the DTM or DSM model, with unique contour intervals, depending on the project needs. This can help in comprehending the surface of the region that the drone captured.

3D Textured Maps

The edges, faces, vertices, and texture of the region captured by the drone are replicated in the 3D textured mesh. When a project requires the engagement of external stakeholders or the general public, this approach is most helpful for visual examination.

Land Surveying

We can get exact topographic maps and 3D models of regions with inaccessible evidence thanks to our specialized, countrywide drone surveying service. The most accurate rendering of cadastral maps is possible right away and without fuss thanks to our thorough land surveys and topographical surveys. We can give you the best drone solutions as per your needs.
Land Surveying
Orthomosaic maps copy

Land Management & Development

Topographic surveys enhance land planning and management. Our land management and development experience has helped commercial and government entities achieve pre-construction planning with well-defined and faster data. We focus on site reconnaissance, allocation, planning, design, and building roads, buildings, and utilities.

Slope Monitoring

Slope failure is a geologic threat that must be discovered early. Our professionals use DTM and DSM to monitor slopes using GIS mapping. Slope monitoring, landslip mitigation, and slope collapse prevention need this data plus LIDAR survey data. Aerial survey mapping also helps scientists foresee and avert such harm by tracking Earth’s movement.
. Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

City Planning

Drone technology has advanced rapidly, making urban planning using drones is now common. Due to AI and machine learning, drone surveying can swiftly and cheaply gather massive volumes of data. We’ve enthusiastically helped business builders and government organizations plan and assess locations’ social and environmental circumstances.

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