Drone-Based Mining Solutions

Drone surveys for mining with exceptional accuracy and efficiency that surpass traditional methods by leaps and bounds.

Drones Advantages in Mining Surveys

Our drones provide accurate measurements with over 1000 data points and up to 350x more data points for one stockpile than standard GNSS Surveys. We guarantee 99% volumetric estimations using machine learning and stockpile geotagging. The drone mining surveys are conducted as per IBM rules.


Our Drones take 99% accurate measurements and capture more data points than any traditional methods.

Time Saving

Our drones do 30 times quicker surveying of mining locations compared to the traditional ground-based approaches.

Cost Effective

Compared to ground-based surveys, drone surveys are very cost effective, time saving, and don't require large ground crew.

Services We Offer

Evolutionary Mining Sectors Survey Solutions

3D - Points Cloud
Drone can create a densified 3D point cloud. Each 3D Point Cloud point has geospatial (X, Y, Z) and color information. 3D point clouds produce exact data without distortion, unlike 3D mesh models.
Orthomosaic maps
An orthomosaic is a huge map-like image generated by rearranging aerial photographs. Orthomosaic maps accurately predict project size, volume, and distance. Image pixels can rapidly measure 2D and 3D geo-information (X, Y).
3D textured mesh
Using the Point Cloud, we can create a triangle-based 3D Textured Mesh. It gives an accurate representation of the area's edges, faces, vertices, and texture that the drone recorded. It closes the gap in the points on the point cloud and the surface.
Digital terrain model (DTM)
Drone photographs are often used to create Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), with each pixel including 2D data (the highest elevation's X, Y, and Z values). For an accurate DTM, each image must overlap. Calculations are fast with the Digital Terrain model.

Our Drones Can Help In

Stockpile management

Stockpile management is essential whether you are in construction, mining, or aggregates. Because all stockpiles are different shapes and sizes, it is difficult to estimate their volumes with high accuracy using traditional methods. It can also be dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive to assign stockpile measurement.That is why the best solution would be to collect survey data using our high-quality drones that give 99% accurate data.

Inventory tracking & Improved Year-End Audits

Our GIS professionals use their skills and knowledge to turn large amounts of data from drone surveys into 3D models and 3D point cloud maps of stockpiles. These have thousands of data points, so Stockpile Volume estimates are very accurate. This information is used by mining companies for daily tracking and audits (as per IBM rules and regulations) at the end of the year.

Mine Monitoring & Planning

We provide accurate mining monitoring that helps site managers to plan and maintain effective site operations. Our highly accurate drone data and GIS maps assist in accurately designing haul highways, optimizing traffic flow, and initiating team collaboration to ensure swift decision making to restore and maintain safety.

Haul Road Survey

Drone Surveying of Haul Road is far better compared to traditional methods, it saves time, money, and collects data that human surveyors could never obtain. Our expert GIS team creates various GIS maps such as DTM, 3D Models, 3D Point Clouds, colour Slope Maps, and so on to give mine management with great and valuable knowledge such as length, slope, and turning angles

Water & Sediment Flow

To follow water flow and Sediment Flow, our GIS team converts data into Digital Elevation Maps (DEM), precise Drone Imagery, and machine learning. This helps the aid management in ensuring the safety and smooth flow of water. Also, monitoring the flow of water and sediment is important because if something wrong happens then they can stop or slow down digging operations.

Tailings Dams Monitoring

Our drones can collect images of the dam in order to create 3D Digital Elevation Models (DEM) for in-depth analysis. Tailings are highly toxic and possibly radioactive as well; consequently, mine managers and planners must conduct UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) inspections to ensure consistent dam maintenance for maximum safety.

Mining exploration

Our high-tech RGB cameras on our drones give high-quality data, which helps our team make high-resolution orthophotos and DSM maps. The collected data is turned into a 3D model so that people can learn about and look at how mines are controlled structurally. Drones are becoming more popular because they are safe, efficient, & long-lasting.