Wind Turbine

With our Drone Powered Solutions, you can get an accurate report of your Wind Power Plant from all angles.

Drones Advantages in Wind Turbine Surveys

Drone solutions are thriving in the wind turbine industry surveys. It is important to make sure that the wind turbine is in good condition so that it can produce enough power, save money, and last a long time.
Top View

With the help of aerial imaging, you can make sure that the wind turbine is in good condition and is running at its best.

High Accuracy

Get high-resolution & 99% more accurate visuals with our drones compared to traditional inspections.

Cost Effective

Our drone solutions can save up to 60–70% on wind turbine surveys and don't require a large field team.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Examining a wind turbine and its blades is hard because the blade’s inner structure can develop problems that can’t be seen from the outside. Our drones deal with these kinds of problems. Our drones have thermal and infrared sensors that are built and calibrated for wind turbine and blade inspection. They can quickly collect data and can see up to 15 cm into wind turbines. Our team uses machine learning and powerful processing methods to find problems inside and outside of the structure.
Why Us?

Wind Turbines Inspection

We have inspected more than 100 wind turbines and have years of experience.

Detailed Inspection

Our Drones can inspect wind turbines up to 15 cm deep and find 5mm defects.

Professional Team

An innovative team and competent drone pilots providing the best drone service 24/7.