Solar PV Planning & Inspection

Solar PV Planning & IV Curve

With our Drone Powered Solutions, you can get a property report of your Solar Power Plant and land area.

Solar PV Planning

It is essential to ensure the quality of the solar power plant for adequate electricity generation, cost savings, and asset longevity. We provide timely thermal imaging (Aerial Solar) inspections for Solar Power Plants to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these solar systems.

Drones Advantages in Solar Panels Surveys

Drone solutions are thriving in the solar energy industry & land surveys. It is important to make sure that the solar power plant is of good quality so that it can produce enough power, save money, and last a long time.
High Accuracy

Get high-resolution & 99% more accurate visuals with our drones compared to traditional inspections.

Time Saving

Our drones do 30 times quicker surveying of mining locations compared to the traditional ground-based approaches.

Cost Effective

Our drone solutions can save up to 30–50% on solar plant & land surveys and don't require a large field team.

Solar Power Plant Inspection / Thermography in Solar Power plant

We get crucial data about solar power facilities through drone surveys and thermal mapping. This data can help identify cell flaws, cell failure, dirt on photovoltaic cells, interconnection problems, solar cell degradation, decreased operational efficiency, etc. Thermal mapping and aerial infrared imaging cannot be done by humans alone and for large-scale inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of solar farms, the industry must rely on cutting-edge UAV technology which we have and provide. Our outputs include orthomosaics and geotagged high-resolution drone photos for prompt decision-making.

IV Curve Testing

IV curve tracing involves measuring the current-voltage characteristics of a component or circuit by varying the voltage applied and measuring the resulting current. It is important in understanding the behavior and characteristics of electronic devices, optimizing circuit design, and ensuring quality control. IV curve tracers automatically vary voltage levels and measure current, providing insight into maximum current and voltage, power efficiency, and response to changes in operating conditions.