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Agriculture Inspection & Spraying

Drone-powered solutions are a great help in the agriculture field as they provide quick and crucial information with ease.

Drones Advantages in Agriculture Surveys

Improve crop health and agricultural profits by getting an accurate status report with our cutting-edge drone technology and machine learning algorithms.

Enhance crop productivity and quality with our agriculture drone inspection and spraying services.


Quality Report

Visual inspections performed by drones have a higher resolution compared to the traditional land surveying methods.

Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping of farmland allows farmers to make more informed decisions and save unneeded expenses.

Land Mapping

Drone mapping can save money, time, and resources as compared to traditional ground-based mapping of crop fields.

Our Drones Can Help In


Easily know the health status of your crops and check for damage caused by natural disasters, human activities, or other causes. In order to give reports to crop insurance companies or receive an estimate, farmers or government agencies also use this data. Our high-quality drones with Multispectral camera sensors can spot early signs of disease and stress, sometimes even before they are visible from the ground or with regular color cameras.

Planning and monitoring of Irrigation

Our drones with thermal imaging and remote sensing capabilities are a powerful tool for addressing water distribution problems. RGB Imaging’s field topography aids farmers in arranging and separating crops to improve drainage, align with natural land flow, and prevent waterlogging.

Crop damage analysis

Our drone collects high-resolution data that can be used to assess the extent to which crops have been damaged by natural disasters, human activities, or other causes. In order to give reports to crop insurance or receive an estimate, farmers or government agencies also use this data.
Crop damage analysis

Analysis of crops & plant emergence

Our drones provide 97% percent accurate data using Machine Learning algorithms, we can quickly help you track crop production data, track crop emergence, and water blocages. We also show this data as 2D Orthomosaics so you can learn more about your field.
Analysis of crops & plant emergence

Soil Analysis

Soil analysis is a very important step in the process of growing crops because the amount of crops a farmer can grow depends on how good the land is. Our drones can check the health of the land in real time and with great accuracy. This information helps farmers figure out the best ways to plant crops and manage the land and crops.
Soil Analysis
Spraying Pesticide

Spraying Pesticide

To keep crops healthy, it’s important to spray chemicals that kill pests and unwanted plants like weeds. Pesticides can be sprayed more effectively and for much less money with our Kisan Drone 10 (EI-KD10L) pesticide spraying drone.
Services We Offer
Digital surface model (DSM)
In agriculture, field and plant heights are represented by Digital Surface Models (DSMs). They have many applications, including directional crop optimisation, water flow analysis, and irrigation planning.
Vegetation Index Map
When a crop should be harvested is determined by its maturity index to maximize consumer satisfaction. Differences in the field can be detected and quantified using vegetation indices as the NDVI, NDRE chlorophyll-based indices, SAVI, OSAVI, and others.
Different color patterns
Our multispectral drones can display red, green, and blue. These techniques depend on multiple wavelength reflectivity and absorption. The patterns reveal hidden unwanted plants and hazards like weeds and water-logged soil.
Orthomosaic fields map
Orthomosaic maps help to spot damages. A perfect color Orthomosaic Map is often the first and most important stage in scouting. Farmers can see their crops' maturity and growth stages and spot holes in the crop with interpretation.